A Magical Mirror

Today, I’m reminded of a magical mirror. The conception of this mirror is from a song from an old Hindi movie, Do Behen, from the 1950s. It goes like this Mukhda Dekh Le Prani . . . Translation of the first verse of the song is below:
Observe your face in the mirror of your heart, Oh Being
And, check your accounts of virtuous and sinful actions in your life
Oh Being, pause sometimes and reflect on the story of your karmas
Find out how many blemishes are imprinted on your character
I encourage you to pause and look in this magical mirror of your heart. If you really think about, in a way everyone has this mirror and we all approach it however sporadically. Therefore, be mindful of the different agendas while you approach this mirror. Because how we approach the mirror tells us who we are.

Some people just want confirmation of their vanity as in the case of the stepmother in Snow White. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
Some people are wallowing in their own depression. So, these folks go to the mirror for confirmation that they are useless. “I’ll never make it, I’m no good.”
When you approach the mirror you have to bring to it a healthy constructive attitude. If you don’t have the right attitude then you won’t really see what the mirror is showing you. You’ll exaggerate your guilt or you’ll exaggerate your innocence. I suggest you bring an open heart and a healthy amount of generosity with yourself because this will give you the courage to go to the mirror.
Be balanced. You can’t be too easy on yourself or too hard on yourself. Don’t demand so much that you are not going to want to go back to that mirror. At the same time, don’t be too easy on yourself that you feel there is no need for improvement. It’s like doing a good workout with a personal trainer. You get a good workout but you don’t hurt yourself. Self-criticism has to be in the right amount so you don’t get discouraged and at the same time you don’t become shameless.
Take a few moments and see your reflection in this magical mirror of your heart. The best thing about this mirror and these blemishes is that without too much effort or money on your part you can transform them.

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