On my evening walk, I encounter four gorgeous-looking restaurants, one after another.  In each of the restaurants, there is nice music playing, the artwork is fantastic, with elegant table settings, and groups of people seated at these tables, spilling out onto the sidewalk.
Recently, one weekend evening, I was walking past these restaurants when I noticed something unusual in the first restaurant.  Many of the guests’ eyes were glued to their cell phone screens.  I thought this was odd.  Why would anyone want to go through the trouble of going out with someone to a nice restaurant only to focus on a cell phone screen?  Then, I walked past the second restaurant and noticed the same thing.  Walking past the third restaurant, I noticed the same thing again; unbelievably, I noticed the same thing at the fourth restaurant.  Many people – whether young, middle aged, or elderly, whether sitting across from one person or several other people – were engaged with their phones.
This odd sight inspired the following verse:
Be still, oh, mind, and listen.
Just for a few moments, quit being distracted and listen.  Recollect that you are pure spirit. This is connection.
Let the Divine’s remembrance embrace you, for, this is connection.
Remember the grand epic movie of all that is Life and celebrate the connection.

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