In my book True Hollywood Blockbuster, I recount a story, which goes this way:
A man inherited a carpet. The carpet wasn’t just an ordinary carpet. It was a gorgeous, silk Persian carpet with beautiful motifs.
One day, he went to the most expensive carpet shop in town to sell his carpet. The owner of the shop looked at the carpet and at one glance understood the quality of the carpet. He asked the man, “What would you like for the carpet.” The man replied, “A hundred dollars.”
The owner without showing any emotion, took out a hundred dollar bill, gave it to the man, and instantly bought the carpet. Just as the man was walking out the door, the owner called him back and asked, “Why did you want only a hundred dollars for this carpet?”
The man responded, “Is there anything more than a hundred dollars?”
Foolishness is when, we, like the man, do not know the value of what we have, do not know what the reward is and will be when we lead a spiritual life. What I’ve realized over the years is that we receive as grand a reward as we are capable of valuing.
In essence, foolishness is:
* Not valuing a spiritual life and the rewards it will bring
* Not knowing the real nature of the reward
* Not knowing what kind of actions will bring me the highest reward
* Not understanding the results of different actions
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