Last year, I walked on a glacier in the world’s highest mountains — Gangotri Glacier, a holy spot 10,200 feet up in the Himalayas. That was last year and I still can’t get over the sages and holy men I met there. They let everything go, and completely depend on God for their daily sustenance. They wander about, eat local plants and don’t store food. They trust that they will receive their daily food. Their only possession is some sort of loincloth They literally don’t own anything.
I was totally stunned into silence just seeing these sages. I found most amazing that these sanyasis (renunciates) didn’t want anything from the world, including me and anyone else around them. I saw in their eyes their free spirit, their profound freedom. If you think about it, they have nothing to worry about, no anxiety, and no stress. They have real freedom because they are not trying to possess anything.
They want nothing from us. They don’t need us to retweet their tweet, nor like their Facebook page, nor for us to think they are cool. I took one look at them and felt, these folks are the real thing! All I could think off was, “Oh my God, I could do this. I could really do this.”
I felt such bliss in that environment. But, soon I had to come back to Florida. Since then I’ve been thinking that it is harder to detach from the world when you are physically in the world. Still since high up in the Himalayas is not an option for me right now, I’ve been pondering and practicing several techniques that we could all use to live in the world and yet not be of the world. One of those techniques is to see oneself as a “trustee.” In my next blog post, I will talk about being a trustee.

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