Dear fellow souls,
There are two kinds of energy in the world – material and spiritual. Material energy or matter is constantly transforming even though the underlying substance is eternal. Spiritual energy on the other hand is changeless and eternal. Spiritual energy is aware of its own existence and possesses the power to create thoughts. We will call this spiritual energy ‘soul.’ Even though animals are also souls, in this post, we will talk about the human soul.
As mentioned above, souls create thoughts that form the basis of feelings, ideas, and all kinds of experiences. Yet when the soul (spiritual energy) enters the body (material energy), it gradually loses itself in body conscious. That is, it starts to think of itself as an assembly of physical organs – the body. And bodies come with labels — male, female, Indian, American, young, old etc. When the soul becomes body conscious, these labels cover it in illusion. The soul is like a multi faceted beautiful diamond that falls to earth and becomes covered by the mud of body consciousness.

On our spiritual path, we must first be convinced that we are souls. This conviction underpins all our spiritual experiences. And those experiences in turn strengthen our faith that we really are souls. A soul hears, touches, sees, smells, and tastes through the sense organs. And having been in a body for so long, we have naturally created the habit of being body conscious.
Any good spiritual practioner’s number one aim is to shed body consciousness. This takes time. Oh, does this take time or what! This habit of being body conscious has been ingrained in the soul over a long period of time. Without question, people identify with gender, race, ethnicity, nationality etc.
O fellow souls, first have the faith that you are a soul! I, as soul, speak to you, a soul. As a soul, I use my hands to write these words. And you, as a soul, use your eyes to read them.
The Latin word anima means “life, soul.” And so the soul, literally, animates the body, giving it life. The more soul conscious you become, the more you will experience deep, sustainable, renewable happiness. Therefore, practice being a soul! This is probably the most important thing you will do today.

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