Oh My Goodness Audios

Welcome to the audio meditations featured in my new book, Oh My Goodness!.  

The 39 audio meditations are free to download, I do, however, ask that you kindly buy my book. To purchase it on Amazon click here

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

 By journeying inward and connecting to our real self, the seat of all virtue, we experience a spiritual happiness that no amount of material toys can ever give us. The more you cultivate virtue, the more you joyfully discover yourself.

The 39 audio meditations are arranged in three groups: 1. Beginner; 2. Intermediate; 3. Advanced. Go through the virtues one at a time from beginner to advanced. Start practicing them today by doing the meditations. And remember to have fun while doing so. 

 I invite you to plant the seeds of virtue in your mind, water them with constant reflection, and let them blossom in your heart. You will flourish.

Begginer audios:  CLICK HERE
Intermediate audios: CLICK HERE
Advanced audios: CLICK HERE


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