Stand up Shiv Shakti

Stand up shiv shakti take your inheritance:​​ Shiv Baba has incarnated here at the confluence age to create you and has named you shiv shakti. You belong to Him, and you are His heir. “Claim what is yours.” ​​​​

Stand up​​ shiv shakti take your form: ​​​​ Become aware of your combined form of a shiv shakti. You are not just a shakti, but a shiv shakti. ​​ Maya sees you connected with Shiva and moves away. “Stand up shiv shakti take God’s light.”

Stand up shiv shakti take your arms:​​ You are an eight-armed shakti. ​​ In the awareness of being shiv shakti, you possess all the eight powers. ​​ Clearly see your form of an embodiment of eight powers. “Stand up shiv shakti take your might.”

Stand up shiv shakti take your story:​​ Become a witness to your story. As a companion of Shiv Baba, dispassionately observe the grand sweep of history and your important role in it. Now experience yourself as an avyakt angel and become a detached observer of the drama. “Stand up shiv shakti take your stage”

Stand up shiv shakti take your spirit:​​ While a soul is playing a part through the body in this world, they cannot be separated. Similarly, Shiva and you the shakti have such a deep connection. You, the shakti, are merged in Shiv Baba. So, constantly stay in remembrance of sweet Baba. “Stand up shiv shakti take the flight.”

Stand up shiv shakti take your truth:​​ While performing actions, have an awareness of the Almighty Authority. Experience you, the Shakti, to be palpably together with Shiva – His company and His hand in your hand. This awareness has made you fearless and ever ready to perform any task no matter how difficult it may be. “. . . take one and all of your powers.”​​

Stand up shiv shakti take your world:​​ You are a world parent. As a world parent, you have pure feelings of love and benefit for the world. As a shiv shakti, you have no weaknesses. And, through your love-full feelings of world benefit, you have become an instrument to benefit many souls. “Take what is ours; claim what is yours.”

Stand up shiv shakti take your surrender:​​ When you surrender yourself, everything will be easy. Baba should be able to do whatever he wants through you. Just as an entire factory is run by machines, in the same way, we are instruments. The One who wants to​​ use can use us in whatever way He wants. By thinking about yourself in this way, you will not feel any difficulty. “Stand up shiv shakti turn the page.”

Stand up shiv shakti take your lion:​​ Shaktis are shown riding a lion. If any type of lion-formed Maya​​ comes, don’t be afraid. A shiv shakti can never be defeated. If you transform yourself before time, you will receive a hundred-fold return. You have to change anyway, so why not​​ change in this way? Remember that you claimed your inheritance in the previous Kalpa as well. The memory of the last Kalpa brings you power.​​

“Stand up Shiv Shakti take your stage

Stand up Shiv Shakti calm their rage

Stand up Shiv Shakti turn the page

Stand up shiv shakti take your might​​

Stand up shiv shakti take the​​ flight​​

Stand up shiv shakti take God’s light.​​

Note:​​ All words in quotations are from the song “Shiv Shakti” by Bliss. ​​​​

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